Who We Are

Have you been searching for an adult toy and had tough luck? Welcome to the club! We are a start up that not only retails adult toys to a loyal and ever growing customer base in India but we also like to concern ourselves with everything that is related to procuring and using them in our country.

We are lobbyists too: It has been our earnest endeavor since ourconception about five years ago to be able to convince the authorities in our country that there is a need to lift the ban on adult products and allow them to be retailed in shops. While we understand that the government and the officials are actually worried about the repercussion of such a move on the social fabric and on the minds of the young people we have always been ready to sit across the table and come out with a solution for that as well.

Allot a different area: The argument that sale of adult toys and other products can defile our culture and spoil the minds of our children is a difficult argument to buy because it falls flat on its face. If computers with internet connectivity have entered study rooms of the kids and pornography and sleaze is so easily available at the click of the mouse, the thought that adult products are responsible for spoiling the new generation looks not only farfetched but extremely anachronistic. We have links with several NGOs working in this area and we love to have volunteers who are interested in helping us by strengthening our voice in the government.

Our online model: Our website is full of options for adult toys. The quality is par excellence and the rates are perfectly reasonable. We deliver across the country and within five working days of placement of order. You can choose your time of delivery to time it with your being at home to receive it. You can also opt for discreet packaging and billing. The shipping and the packaging charges for the first two orders is on us. We would love to hear from you, soon!

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